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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rockin' Bunks, Rockin' Accountants

It's a scorching summer sun outside, and yet there's an aura of spring: i see bumblebees dancing among the flowers, a whirring hummingbird dipping its long beak into a nectared blossom.

But wasn't i supposed to write about San Diego? I'm getting to that...

My first night there i had the oddest experience. I was sleeping in a dorm room with three bunk beds, and i was in the top bunk of one bed. At one point, in the middle of the night, i suddenly awoke. The bunk was rocking gently, and my first thought was, It's an earthquake tremor. I've felt a lot of small tremors back home in Manila. I almost drifted back to sleep. Then the rocking started up again, more insistently. And then i heard noises.

Slowly it dawned on me that were two people having sex right under me. Not only that--they were both guys! (Not that i peeked; it wasn't something i wanted to se. Nevertheless, i could tell.) Never in my life had i imagined that i would find myself on top of two gay dudes riding the one-horned beast. (Or would that be two horns?)

It would have been amusing, if it hadn't made it impossible for me to sleep.

After that exotic awakening, the rest of the day started out well. I did get a bit of shut-eye, woke up at nine and had my all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. (In spite of the rocking bunks, it's a great hostel.) Then i went out, to the Museum of Contemporary Art (which was just okay) and Wahrenbrock's (which is a paradise for logophiles--three floors of musty, lovely, bargain-priced books). I knew it was crazy, but i ended up buying a pile of books i'd have to lug along: a special edition hardcover of The Princess Bride; the novel Wicked on which the musical is based; Danielewski's House of Leaves; a Ross Macdonald hardboiled classic.

Then i stopped by a small Italian place and got take-out: sausage-and-pepperoni pizza, spaghetti, and iced tea for around $7. Not bad. I ate it in the hostel kitchen, where the Japanese staffer, Take, was cooking spaghetti himself. He reminded me of those characters in Haruki Murakami novels who love cooking spaghetti, and i told him so. I think he was somewhat surprised that i should have heard of Murakami. I told him that Norwegian Wood was my favorite novel and he said, yeah, he liked it too.

Okay, this was when i left for the Street Scene festival and somehow misplaced my camera. It was a very sad moment. I actually cried in front of the woman at the transportation office when i reported my loss.

But when i finally got on the trolley going to Qualcomm Station, surrounded by anxious music fans who couldn't wait to get there, all of the terrible feelings slid out of me. I was caught up in the excitement, and i was starting to have fun.

On the trolley i met two pretty girls, who turned out to be accountants. Rockin' accountants. They let me tag along with them, poor me who was there without any friends. We got Captain Morgan mixers, and enjoyed watching Rise Against and Kasabian. (Kasabian is fabulous; i ended up liking their set better than the Killers').

But around 7:30 i left them coz i was anxious to get in place for Garbage's performance....

NEXT: Glitter & Garbage


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