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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Comic-Con 2005

It's been several days since my quick trip to the San Diego Comic-Con 2005. I've been exhausted. It was an adventure in equal parts fun and frustrating.

To begin with, i didn't even know about the Comic Con until saturday. And i decided, on the spur of the moment, to just jump on a train and go! After all, San Diego was mere hours away....

But i had a lunch i couldn't cancel. And i needed a ride to the station. That's how it is around here, you're dead without a car. It was mid-afternoon when i got to the train station and worse, my train was late....

When i arrived at San Diego station, i rushed out with no idea of where i was going. I saw a teenage girl and boy hopping on and off a bench. I asked them what bus i could take, and the boy pointed one out. As i turned to catch it, they called me back. The girl's handing me one of their Comic Con badges. The name on the badge is "Marco."

So thanks to that wonderful pair, i had a free ticket to the Comic Con. I got on the bus and as it sped about i got a sweeping glimpse of downtown San Diego. It was a city i'd never really thought about before, and i was amazed to find it one of the most beautiful i'd ever seen. It has a lively, friendly air to it--young, hip, bohemian, fashionable.

The bus slowed as we approached the convention center, as a great geek horde was spilling out the lanes and driveways, creating a kind of human swamp that took over ten minutes for us to cross. I was very amused to see Batman and Robin striding down a crosswalk--especially since the Dark Knight was ludicrously shorter than his Boy Wonder companion!

Once at the Comic-Con, i spent nearly all my time taking pictures of people in costume... and lining up. The lines were humongous and moved with glacial slowness. I made friends with a lovely young couple, Sam and Leticia. I watched the Masquerade Ball on the large screen and quite enjoyed it. It had an amateur-hour feel to it, but you never tired of seeing what amazing costume and silly skit would be next--from a giant cuttlefish to a sassy troupe of Disney princesses to an acrobatic duel between Nightcrawler and Lara Croft!

So it was a fun experience, overall, although later i couldn't find a hotel room and had to sleep in the train station--which is why i was beat up for a day afterwards. The bad parts of the trip all had to do with taking public transportation, which is simply horrible here in LA and Orange County. Never have i missed my own car more.


  • At 6:43 AM, Blogger xiaoyubeh said…

    yeah I read about the recent Comicon in Little Gamers & it's too bad the beau didn't go there to check it out!


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